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Your Doula for Life’s Transitions: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Doula Care and Childbirth Classes Colorado Springs

Angela Sword Birth Doula and Childbirth Classes in Colorado Springs

Dear Families,

I am honored to stand witness for and support women on their unique childbirth journey. I have an intuitive ability to create connections with others, and throughout my life, feel I have been powerfully called to be of service. As a Doula, I am able to draw from all areas of my experience and fulfill on my commitment to making a difference for families during this miraculous time leading up to, during, and after the birth of new life. I believe this birthing work is a lifelong learning process and I empower women to embrace every step of their journey.

-Angela Sword

~ LAVENDER ~ The scent of lavender is relaxing and also uplifting; making it ideal for use during pregnancy and labor.


“Angela is a very intelligent and emotionally centered woman. Strongly rooted, yet like a blade of grass she can bend and sway as life deems necessary. She personifies compassion and dedicates herself so generously to aiding women (and men) through one of life’s most intense experiences.” ~ Carissa